Who are we?

Organisasi Papua Merdeka, OPM (Free Papua Movement) is the Umbrella Organization according to the Piagam OPM (Statute of OPM). Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM) was founded in Manokwari in March 1965 by Permenas (Ferry) Awom, Terianus Aronggear, Johan Ariks, Lodewijk Mandatjan and Barent Mandatjan.  The Spirit of Semangat “Tekad 15 July 1970” (Firm Will 15 July 1970) was to continue the struggle and the preparation for unilateral proclamation.  The general reorganization on 15 July 1977 changed the name of the movement to Free Papua Movement (FPM) according to the statute of OPM by Brigadier General Seth J.Rumkorem and his comrades in Markas Victoria.  Since 1 December 1991, the name of FPM has changed again to Organisasi Papua Merdeka (Free Papua Movement).

There are three political parties who are the Founding Members of OPM:

  1. Partai Nasional, PARNA (National Party).
  2. Partai Sosialist Demokrat Papua, PSDP (Papua Socialist Democratic Party).
  3. Partai Demokrat Papua,PDP, previous Democratie Volks Partij /DVP (Papua Democratic Party).

The three Political Parties and OPM formed The National Government of the Republic of West Papua as Coalition Government, which continues the struggle for independence of the Papuan People through advocacy, diplomacy and non-violent action.

Mr. Amos Fritz Indey, President, Malmo, Sweden

Mr. Simon Petrus Sapioper, Acting President, Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, the Netherlands

Mrs. Apilena Agustina Sapioper, Minister of Information and Refugee, The Hague, the Netherlands

Mr. Louis Tz. Nousy, Greece

Mr. Julianus Sapioper, The Netherlands

Mr. A. Matirany, Papua New Guinea

Mr. J. Pieger, Papua New Guinea

Mr. O.B. Bouway, Papua New Guinea

Mr. S. Inggamer, Papua New Guinea

Mr. A. Wayoi, Papua New Guinea

Mr. E. Wainggai, Papua New Guinea

Mr. M. Waseyei, Papua New Guinea

Mr. A. Norokopouw, Papua New Guinea

Mr. A. Ofide, Papua New Guinea

Mr. R. Norrotouw, Papua New Guinea

Mr. G. Dimara, Australia

Mr. Domba, West Papua

Mr. Bendo, West Papua

Mr. SA, West Papua